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Jake Sharon is a silly, brain damaged goofyhead. His improv background & his years of secret revenges fuel his manic outbursts on the stand-up stage. Jake talks about bizarre encounters with Craigslist strangers, bad decisions, playing with toys, rock & roll, cat ladies, winning his 8th grade spelling bee, and how he tricked his Southern belle wife into marrying him. Jake's also talks about how you can find a bright side to anything.

Jake tours colleges & some of the best clubs across the country including the Denver Comedy Works,  Harvey's, the Improvs, etc. He was featured in the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, The Seattle International Comedy Competition, The Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, Austin's Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, twice in the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, and 3 times in the Boston Comedy Festival. His antics have appeared on ESPNWarner Bros.' ElimidateReader', NBC's The After After Party with Stephen Michael Quezada, and NBC's The Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson.    He and his wife, Callie Sharon, also produced an internationally award winning epilepsy awareness video, Seizure The Day!


"He is having a ball, genuinely enjoying what he's doing, and that can't help but spill out into the crowd.  When someone is having such a good time it's easy to get sucked in and become part of the fun."
-Ed Placencia,

"He's strong. People talk about the 'it factor.' Jake has it."
-comedian Rick Gutierrez

"Beyond hilarious. A fusion of awesomeness that simply can't be duplicated. His unique energy uplifted the club in a way that no comic matched. He is definitely his own deal of weird, hippie sweetness."
-Nicole Qualtieri, The Examiner, Denver, CO

" A Jake Sharon show is a lot like the Social Penetration theory. He starts with tales of silly schemes and follies. By the end of his set, though, he has peeled away countless layers and you're staring at the soul of madman- a silly, likeable, madman."
-Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Austin, TX

"Jake was hilarious! We would love to have him back!"
-Molly Joy Southern, A.S.A.P. Comedy
Colorado State University

"Funny as F###king S##t!"
-The Asheville Disclaimer, Asheville, NC

"Jake Sharon is a rapidly developing comedian who is proving that hard work and a commitment to becoming a solid stand-up pays off."
-Comedy Works Entertainment, Denver, CO

"Jake is amazing. Thank you for suggesting him! The parents and students loved him. I called five days before the show and said we need somebody, badly. You said Jake is perfect.  You were right!"
-Emily Dreman,  Director of Student Activities
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

"Comedian Jake Sharon was wicked funny."
-Splash Magazine, Topeka, KS

"Keeping the crowd rolling. Phenomenal entertainer! With his antics, laughter spilled all over the club. Brilliant comedian! LYAO with Jake!"
-In Paris Texas Monthly Magazine, Paris, TX

"Looking for the one of the funniest up-and-coming comedians? Well, we’ve found him! Jake Sharon… falls nothing short of making our bellies jiggle with laughter! His jokes are original. His material is always fresh, exciting and, well, hilarious!" 
-Denver Daily News, Denver, CO

"Thank Jake for rocking it! It makes me look good!"
-Scotty, Comedy Coordinator, Hon-Dah Casino, Pinetop, AZ

"I know I can always count on Jake to deliver a strong set and I appreciate that."
Pam Van Nostern, Improv Comedy Club, Denver, CO

"I've been in the comedy scene for years. I've met & worked with a lot of people, but Jake really impressed me on stage and off. A class act... truly an honor."
Jack Smith, Down Under Comedy Club, Greeley, CO

"Denver's comic genius!"
-Denise Haworth, Jack Didley's, Kennewick, WA

"A funny young man!"
-comedian Rocky Laporte

"You should book Jake Sharon into your comedy club not just because he will work hard to make his show a success---he will work hard to make the entire show a success."