Under Promise Over Deliver

Hi!  I'm Jake!

A lot is going on. A truck ran over people in France. Trump hasn't picked his Vice President.  Brazil is getting ready to infect everybody with the Zika virus. After all these years, Octomom's cooch finally healed up.

So, today,  let's focus on business strategy.

5 Cheap Fathers Day Presents To Honor Your Dad

Hi! I'm Jake!

Father's Day is coming up quick.  In fact, it's tomorrow. And you forgot to get him a present! That sucks.  He has sacrificed so much for you. For example, you never experienced having to watch your childbirth. Gross! It was just awful. It looked like popping a giant zit- but with more blood and yelling.

Assuming your dad stuck around to raise you, you owe him. So get him a present quick!

Happy Father's Day!
Print out this card and give it to your dad!

If you have five minutes to break away from all your selfish activities, below are 5 Cheap Father's Day Presents to Honor Your Dad:

5 Cheap Mother's Day Presents To Honor Your Mom

IHi! I'm Jake!

What's up, motherlovers? Your mom brought you into this world. She either went through a bunch of pain or got cut open like a horror movie. Or she took the time to kidnap you. Then, she raised you and wiped the snot off your nose last week.  So your mom deserves the best Mother's Day present $20 or less can buy. 

If you're like me, you put off getting your mom a present and you need some ideas quick! Here are 5 Cheap Mother's Day Presents to Honor Your Mom: