Peet Palacios

Hi! I'm Jake!
I made a music video for my pal, Penelope Palacios, aka P. Palacios, aka, Peet Palacios.

It's silly. It's immature.  It's wackadoo.
It's about equality.  It's about friendship.  It's about your mom.
It's a video. It's a music. It's Peet Palacios.

Mosh Dancing FAQ

Hi!  I'm Jake!

Naturally, a lot of you readers have been asking me about what "moshing" is.

what is moshing?

The 1980s invented a dance called moshing, aka slam dancing, aka physical silly time dance, aka group shoving. This typically happens at punk and/or metal concerts. Participants shove each other, slam into each other, elbow each other,  and run at each other in a charging rhino fashion.

Essentially, moshing is like bumper cars for people who don’t drive. It's like rough-housing, but standing up.  Ever get in a shoving match where everybody wins?  That's what mosh slamming is.

Pig Pics LIVE!

Hi! I'm Jake!
After answering an on-line ad, suddenly I was making #PigPics in front of a live audience- and my improv pals were acting them out! The #pigpics disease is spreading.


Pig Pics are crude.  If you keep reading this blog entry, you will see crudely drawn animals doing crudely inappropriate things.  Instead of reading this entry and viewing this garbage, go do something else.
If you disregard this warning, and then get mad at these pictures, then that is because you don't know how warnings work.  Warnings mean stay away!
Enough oinking. Enjoy the following Pig Pics.