Pig Pics Celebration 3!

Hi! I'm Jake!
It has been awhile since I have posted a #pigpics entry here at jakeisfantastic.com.  I was too busy ruining people's birthdays.  But since I have today off, here is another display of immaturity. Please don't read this.  Your mom is crying.


Pig Pics are crude.  If you keep reading this blog entry, you will see crudely drawn animals doing crudely inappropriate things.  Instead of reading this entry and viewing this garbage, go do something else.
If you disregard this warning, and then get mad at these pictures, then that is because you don't know how warnings work.  Warnings mean stay away!
Enough oinking. Enjoy the following Pig Pics.

Sometimes people get #pigpics to celebrate their weddings. Sometimes they get #pigpics to celebrate getting a bunch of free stuff from their Aunt Juniper's last will and testament.  Most of the Pig Pics featured in this entry are celebrating people's birthdays.


I sent Connor Keogh a Pig Pic and either the Post Office or I lost it.  I blamed it on the Post Office and sent him a pig eating a fancy dinner.  Also, I spelled his name wrong.

"Fancy Meal"
By Jake Sharon

Roanna Flowers wanted unicorn stuff.  She basically got that.

"A Unicorn Making Poops And One Of Them Turned Into A Rainbow With a Pot Of Gold. Get It, Pot?"
By Jake Sharon

Ed Placencia reviews comedy albums and his opinion is widely respected.  So I sent him an immature poop and penis pig pic that plugged my latest comedy album, The Wedding AlBUM

Check out comedyreviews.com
More importantly, get The Wedding AlBUM using this link.

I completely forgot what Samantha Venia Logan wanted so I sent her the Who Ate My Poops pig pic.  This was probably better than what she could have imagined anyway. Or not.

Who Ate My Poops
the #pigpics I made for Samantha Venia Logan
after I forgot what Samantha actually wanted.

I also sent Samantha a shameless plug of my second comedy album, The Wedding AlBUM.

"Listening to The Wedding AlBUM Attempt #1"
Lots of poops, wieners, and puke!
Get The Wedding AlBUM using this link.

Eddie Baker did not want a pig pic!  I think he is running for office or something. 

Debbie Cook Mackey also did not want a pig pic!  I do not think she is running for office.  She is nice though.  You can be a nice person and not run for office.
Sometimes the best present of all is the one that... #pigpics

Nicole Howard is one of my old college friends.  One time when we were on the bus heading to a forensics tournaments, she commented on how my butt smelled bad.  She was right.  Also, she did not want a pig pic this year.

Mike All wanted a Kong-style Pig Pic.

Mike All's #pigpics is definitely not shirt worthy.
Also, according to his business card, Shaun Bedgood still has a myspace account.

Sandi Moffat wanted a ManBearPig.  I didn't want to step on any South Park stuff though so I mixed it up.  Bad idea.

One of my other college pals, Sarie Fischer has a family so she wants a family-friendly Pig Pic!

Check out the Cakehole Cornhole video here. Six people have given it a thumbs down.
I sure am plugging a lot of my own stuff!

Shashank Maruvada wants to be a floater.

Floaters.  Ha. I love that word.  I truly do.

Erik Sprague (aka Lizardman) was super smart and did not post his address in a Facebook comment.

Erik Sprague's Pig Pic, "SnowPig Freaks!"
By Jake Sharon
Also, I bet Elephant SnowPig is glad I didn't put tusks by his balls.  That could really hurt!


Man, I have a horrible imagination.  You guys should stop encouraging me to do stuff like this!  Good job for declining, Nicole Howard, Debbie Mackey, and Ed Baker!  Also, Ed, are you president, yet?

Bye!  I'm Jake!