Prison Pocket

Hi!  I'm Jake!
Jake Sharon in 2004
Photo by Crystal Allen

The following video is a song I performed a long time ago called "Prison Pocket."  I came up with it when I was super-hungover New Year's Day 2002, in Greeley, Colorado.  Details:

  • Outside, there were hundreds of geese in a sunrise-lit field who suddenly launched into the air. That was cool.  
  • Inside, a cute girl was wearing sweatpants, playing Dr. Mario.  That was cool.  
  • In the kitchen, I just started dancing on the table.  That was not cool.  
  • But then I started singing Prison Pocket.  That was cool.

I don't drink anymore, but years later, I performed Prison Pocket at the Denver Comedy Works as part of their Funny Final Four competition- which our team won.  That was cool.  Enjoy.

Yep.  That was Ben Roy introducing me.  I also introduced myself.  Was Prison Pocket worth two intros? Yes.

Bye!  I'm Jake!