Social Distancing and What I Did With a Sink

Hi I'm Jake!

This is a tough time for everybody. To keep my mind off things, I've been making a lot of stuff. This is a story about staking something the previous owners of my house should have thrown away and turning it into something good.


Some of you may know that I'm going through a divorce.  Really great time to have social distancing!    I can be really introverted but I'm starting to realize I really need to be around people. To keep myself from going completely stir crazy, I've been doing a lot of home-improvement projects.  


The previous owners of my house left a sink in my shed- for free!  Rather than haul the sink to the dump and pay to drop it off,  I went to the hardware store and bought the following materials :
  • Two lengths of 2x6x10 pinewood for about $7.75 apiece
  • One roll of screen mesh for about $10
  • A box of galvanized deck screws for about $10
  • Two jalapeƱo plants at $3.78 apiece
  • One banana pepper plant for $3.78
  • One green pepper plant for $3.78


I spent about an hour or so building the box and putting the sink in it.  The sun went down. The next day, I finished the job. I'm sure you have already figured out what I made.  But, in case you haven't, I won't write a spoiler. Here is the video.


I spent about $50 on this project.  I already had soil on hand.  You can get a bag for $10 or so. This was my first attempt building one of these.  I plan on making several more (without sinks).  This is a good time to work towards self-sustainability. Plus, it felt good to make something I have wanted to make for years.

I'm just trying to make the best of this situation and keep my mind off things. I hope you make stuff too. If so, please tweet me at @jakeisfantastic and share your projects. And/or, please subscribe to me on Youtube and/or leave comments.  

Bye! I'm Jake!