Pig Pics Celebration 2

Hi! I'm Jake!
This batch of Pig Pics features some really awful stuff.  I mean that in two ways:
  1. The artistic quality of most of these Pig Pics is awful.
  2. The subject matter of all of these Pig Pics is awful.


Pig Pics are crude.  If you keep reading this blog entry, you will see crudely drawn animals doing crudely inappropriate things.  Instead of reading this entry and viewing this garbage, go do something else.
If you disregard this warning, and then get mad at these pictures, then that is because you don't know how warnings work.  Warnings mean stay away!
Enough oinking. Enjoy the following Pig Pics.


crystal dones wanted a party girl. done and dones, crystal!


"A little late but here's me with my pig photo! Ps check out my shirt.. Don't look at my boobs, perv! Bye bye!"
- Crystal Dones

normally, I only make pics for my facebook pals, but joel murray has a dad. 

despite my instructions, jose sarduy did not tell me what he wanted.

Yeah, Jose. Frame this!

kurt quinn didn't tell me what he wanted either.  fortunately, i already had a pig pic laying around that i had planned on giving to corey esser.  so i drew a poo over corey's name and made it say "happy birthday, kurt!" bonus poo!

james asked for a surprise pig pic.  surprise!  this one is "awesome."

wow.  so awesome. surprise!

kristen lepoidevin did tell me what she wanted, but she also told me what she didn't want.  so i incorporated both.

i did about half of what jericho thorp requested.  basically, i did a little country, a little city, and mainly the "whatever else you wanted" part.

in his facebook comment, tobias livingston told me exactly what he wanted for his pig pic.  instead of making that, i focused on the part of his private message where he described his perfect date.

mason pitluk gave the world his address. if you want mason pitluk's address, just post something on his wall and ask for it. 

I forgot "catmonkey snowsplosion" already had a title.  So I gave it another one. Now it has two titles! It definitely has "a lot going on hahaha."

well, the following pig pic is certainly not "science and academics nerdy."  but it does have "a lot going on."

Can you find the Lord of the Rings reference in this #pigpic?

do you guys not have parents? don't post your address in a facebook comment!

to celebrate her birthday, international musician amie amis wanted an international pig pic.

after i offered a birthday pig pic to sydney huddleston, chelley pyatt revealed my master plan.

sydney huddleston was wise enough to not publicly post her address in a facebook comment. 

Hey, what ever happened to those #NoFear t-shirt guys?  Oh yeah:  they didn't have fear so they are all dead.

sydney huddleston asked for a swimmer with a floater. 

There is a "P" in this ool.

nam huynh is (was) feeling suicide-y.

You know, you shouldn't joke about suicide.  This was probably really bad.

oops!  i had forgotten i had already made nam's pig pic, so i made nam a second pig pic!

also, a meteor and a firetruck in your house.

i don't know if i made tom dustin's pig pic gay enough.


rebecca is celebrating living austin, texas for a whole year! also, she is excited to finally get a pig pic!

I don't think I included every Austin thing I could think of, but here are a few.

my wife and rebecca got a new boss! since ryan got a new job, i made him a pig pic too!

This snowman is puking on a dumb old clown pig hooker.

after she was mugged -on easter- comedian kat ramzinski's friends gave her a good surprise!  to help kay offset her extensive medical costs, the austin comedy scene helped her crowdfund over $4,000 !

Comedian Kat Ramzinski can be cheerful even after a mugging!