Pygmy Midget Rhymes

Hi!  I'm Jake!  Here is a poem about midgets

My dad.
Pygmy Midget Rhymes
By Jake Sharon

Hey midgets: you got a rival.
Pygmies are as short as you
but they're also tribal.

Pygmies got tats
& bones thru their nos-es.
You like suits
but they don't wear no clothes-es.

A midget opened a can
of raspberry jelly too fast
and it got all over him.
Pygmies drink swamp water.
Midgets drink forties.
Both are forty inches tall
So they're one-drink shorties!

Now you might be offended
by my Pygmy Midget rhymes.
But don't get short with me
Beer is better than jelly.
cause I don't got the time!
A pygmy gang gets ready for Murder Day.
Goliath tells them about wearing shirts.