Boston Comedy Festival Part 2B: supplemental shout-outs, couchsurf stuff.

Hi! I'm Jake!

This goes with my last post, Boston Comedy Festival Part 2.

I got to see a bunch of my funny friends here at the Boston comedy Festival:

  • I saw Toby Muresianu, a very funny comedian from San Francisco.
  • Leslie was here from Denver. She competed earlier in the week. Super funny.
  • Leslie introduced me to Valarie Storm, a comedian whose headshots I have seen all over the country. I've been hearing about her for a long time.
  • Tim Messenger, a Denver/ Boston comedian was here. He let me borrow his watch during my set.
  • Also, Steve Kramer was in my round. We worked together in Oklahoma City's Loony Bin Comedy Club last year. Super funny guy! Helped me get into a club in Kansas.
Anyway, props to all those folks.

Today, I just sat around blogging. I totally changed my blog's color scheme. Let me know what you think about it.  This part of the blog entry will definitely hold up over time.

Then my couchsurfing host made some curry with ghost chilies. Ghost chilies are the hottest chilies on the planet, 3 times hotter than the hottest habanero. Shazam! That cleared out my sinuses like crazy! I can breathe again! I think I was coming down with a cold. Now I'll just have volcanic diarrhea.

We watched a little Gangsterland, a show about modern gangsters. I learned that the Top 6 is a Haitian gang out of Miami. They really work hard to make the world a better place. They are drug and gun free and they plant trees for the community. Sometimes, they will have potluck dinners for their neighborhood. Jello is a favorite dish amongst Top 6 potluck gangstas. So is ambrosia.

Now, we are watching the Celtics beat the Miami Heat. I don't really watch basketball, but I'm watching it now. It's fun. Sometimes I actually try to be social and do what others want to do. True story!

I feel kind of bummed because Andy Erikson's semi-final round was tonight and I missed it. Dang it! She is super funny. I hope she made the finals so I can watch her Saturday.

Bye! I'm Jake!