Generous Promotion

Hi!  I'm Jake!

So, I'm still not famous- but I have been trying a lot of different ways to get people to come to shows.  This entry has 2 new marketing ideas I thought of.  Still measuring the results.  If you're a comedian or a musician and you try either of these ideas, please let me know how they work for you.

JAke's First Purge
I am here in Boise, working the Liquid Laughs Comedy Club.  I went out for a walk.  I usually like to load up my i-Pod with a recording of 1 of my recent sets.  I walk until it's done.  Then I come back.  Usually, I get back to my hotel or the condo with at least 1 or 2 ad-libs- & maybe something I can play on my podcast, The Battery Podcast.

Well, on this occasion, I thought: why not walk to the thrift store, too?  I could donate 1 of my CDs.  The first comedy album I ever listened to was George Carlin's "A Place For My Stuff."  I got it at a thrift store.  I became an instant fan.  I must have played that album 42 times!  I also shared it with a ton of my friends.

So, why not let somebody find my CD, "JAke's First Purge?"  They could buy it for a buck or 2 & if they like it, maybe they'll play it for a friend?

So, I walked my Jake's First Purge  CD to the thrift store.  I donated my Jake's First Purge CD.   While I was there, I thought: why not tell the ladies there about the show?  I told them about it & they said they had just heard me on the radio. Cool! I gave them a card.  I told them if they want to see the show, to come on down & use my name.

It's possible nobody will ever buy that CD.  It's probable that those ladies won't come down. However, with minimal effort, I  shared my comedy CD & invited some guests.

Now, to really do this right next time, I'll get the ladies' names & find out which night they can come.  Then I'll call in the comps myself. The easier I make it for these ladies to see the show, the more likely they'll come.

Well, if you try either of these tips, let me know how they work for you.

Bye! I'm Jake!

P.S. to check out my CD, "JAke's First Purge," please go to