My wife's birthday bus tour!

Hi!  I'm Jake!

Saturday, we celebrated my wife's birthday.  There were a lot of things going on with this birthday:
  • It was her first birthday as a married wife.  I needed to make it as special as possible.  
  • This was her first birthday away from her home state, North Carolina.  She's homesick.  The other day, she said she wanted to go home. So, I needed to help Austin feel more like her home. 
  • She has epilepsy.  She can't get a driver's license until she goes a whole year without a seizure.  Safety first! 
  • I have been depriving her of her country music!
So, naturally, I put together a birthday bus tour of Austin that went from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. I found out about a ton of free or inexpensive Austin events, then I plotted the bus routes we'd take to get to all of them.  I wrote her a letter explaining the routes and the times we'd need to be at each bus stop.  However, I didn't tell her what lay ahead at each destination.  Each stop had a surprise to make her feel more at home her in Austin.  We had an amazing day, full of surprises- that cost less than $50!

  • I learned how to buy a Capital Metro stored value bus card. We learned how to navigate the Capital Metro bus system.
  • At the outdoor food court art show, we ate mini corndogs while a singer sang lesbian songs!  Lots of dogs were there too!
  • Callie got a free necklace from a stranger!
  • Two bus drunks preached religion and repeated the same arguments over and over!
  • At the Bob Bullock History Museum, we learned about how Texas used to have a whole bunch of slaves but now they don't!  
  • Speaking of beat, we saw some beat poetry!  One of the poets reminded my wife of her mom!
  • At a South Congress food truck, we ate fried chicken and the best mac and cheese I've ever had- with truffle sauce!
  • We saw 2 different country bands- that I actually liked!  I hate country- but not this time!  Check out , Redd Volkaert and Sour Bridges!
  • We ate dessert at Kerbey Lane!  I had vegan peanut butter espresso cake!  She had a cake that had 40 kinds of chocolate!
  • We ran into David Cross- David Cross from the TV!  I was like "Hey David Cross!"  He was like "Hey."
  • On the way home, around midnight, we saw some people riding horses through town.  Callie loves horses!  Tears welled up in her eyes.
  • Sexy time!
  • Then, as we fell asleep in each other's arms, Daylight Savings kicked in and we got to set the clock back.  Snooze!

This was too cool of a birthday. I set the bar way too high.  I'll never be able to follow this!  Whoops.

Make your wife's birthday good- but not too good.  Next time, when you take her to Chuck E Cheese, she won't be as disappointed.

Bye!  I'm Jake!