Hi!  I'm Jake!

This week, I am doing shows in the Rio Grande Valley, located in the southern-most tip of Texas.  It's after February, so it is hotter than the fermenting heads in the desert.

Comedian Gene Getman and I decided to cool off in an air-conditioning-blasting movie theater.  We watched the movie "Oblivion," starring Tom Cruise and some other people.  Cruise played Jack Harper, not to be confused with his other character this year, Jack Reacher.  Cruise plays a lot of Jack -Er characters!

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After a great war, Earthlings have all pretty much gone to Titan, one of Saturns moons.  There are a few stragglers preparing to leave for Titan.  Jack is a repair guy who helps make sure all these heavily armed drones are in good shape so they can protect the ship.  A lot more stuff happens.  Like Jack has a girlfriend who is pretty hot, but then this other chick shows up.  She used to be an astronaut!  Cool!

In summary, we beat the heat and watched a very suspenseful movie.

Eventually, we had to come back outside to the heat so we could sweat again.

Also, a major negative of the movie is I accidentally spoiled the twist ending for you.  In The Battery Podcast Blog, I accidentally told you that Jack Harper was really a clone of a Jack Harper that died a long time ago.  But he was cloned a bunch of times, so now he's back.  Also, his "wife" is a clone.  Turns out she isn't really his wife, just some girl.  And the astronaut chick?  That's his real wife.  Weird!

Also, the spaceship is really an alien space ship that has deployed all the Jack Harper clones to help subdue the human race.  Jack was helping the bad guys!  Oh no! Once Jack realized that, he helped save the day instead. Then he died.  Then another Jack Harper clone showed up and hung out with the astronaut chick so she wouldn't feel so bad.  Morgan Freeman helped.

Oblivion would have been really good, but I just ruined it for you.  Haha!

Bye!  I'm Jake!