Napo Guilto

Hi!  I'm Jake!

My wife is at work earning money for the family! I have always been the sole provider, but now I have an amazing wife to help carry the load! Go team Sharon!

NEGATIVE: This isn't super clever.
POSITIVE: That's ok. I like to doodle.
Comedy is a weird job where I am my own boss.  When 'my boss' tells me to take a nap because I had a late show last night, I feel guilty.  My wife is working and I'm taking naps!  Not cool!

I never felt guilty about a nap when I was single!  That was one of the reasons I became a comedian- so I could nap whenever I wanted!

But now that I'm part of a team, I feel bad about taking naps!  It's really hard to sleep when you feel guilty!

I need a time machine so I can take naps in the past when I'm single. I'll send single, energetic, twenty-something Jake to do all my work now. That way, nobody feels guilty about naps, and aimless 26-year-old Jake can feel like he is accomplishing something.

Bye!  I'm Jake!