Happy HallowEaster!

Christina Parrish is
camera shy.
Also, is she flipping us off
with her left hand?
Hi!  I'm Jake!

Right now, I am working on the most recent episode of The Battery Podcast.  This episode's Sunshiny Friend is Austin's Christina Parrish.  She's super funny.

I am taking a quick break from podcasting. To be truthful, I am having some focus issues.  My wife says I am dawdling.

If you're dawdling too, read this poem:

By Jake Sharon

my black cat, Oprah and her
HallowEaster crew.

If you like eggs
and you're a candy feaster,
then combine the 2 best holidays
with a Happy HallowEaster!

Do you like costumes
and resurrecting the dead?
Then Happy HallowEaster
paint your FrankenJesus head.

Monkeys, kitties, 
kids in bunny suits
witches, brooms, my dad.

candy in a bag.
candy you have to find.
don't talk to strangers.
here is your pork rind!

If you like Easter and you like Halloween
Then happy HallowEaster
from the Holiday Team!

Bye!  I'm Jake!