Hillbilly Hecklers

Hi!  I'm Jake!

I enjoy the road.  I enjoy traveling all over America, performing for the myriad of unique people that make this country so great.

An artist's rendition
of one of the hillbilly hecklers
By Jake Sharon
Every now and then, though, there are a couple turds in the audience.

Last week, I had the pleasure of performing at Winston Salem, North Carolina's brand new comedy club, Laughing Gas Comedy Club. There were four exemplary turds who decided to spend one of their birthdays sitting in the front row interrupting every single joke.

They heckled the emcee. They heckled the guest set, Tom Simmons.  Tom Simmons is one of my favorite headliners. Tom had just popped in on a night he had off to do a bonus set for the audience and the four people up front pooped on his fun!  Then, before I even got on stage, they heckled the emcee during my intro!!!

This video is about a group of hillbilly hecklers who got out of hand. Enjoy.

This is really important: one thing I really liked about Laughing Gas Comedy Club is how they really support the comedians.  What Brett (the manager in the video) did to help quiet the audience was unprecedented.  I've never seen anybody at any club do that before.  In fact, I have been to a lot of clubs where the staff will just let the audience talk as much as they want.  They are scared of confronting a few customers because they don't want to lose any business.  What they don't realize is all the good audience members sitting around those problem customers are having a bad time.  They came to hear the show, not the problem customers.  So, you can immensely improve the good audience members' experience by growing some balls and removing the problem.

Moreover, the next night at Laughing Gas, another group was kicked out for similar outbursts. As they were leaving, those hillbilly hecklers threw a tantrum and talked shit about us comedians. One of the servers told me he corrected the hecklers:  He told them that they were idiots. That was cool.  So, as far as I am concerned, Laughing Gas and their staff is awesome.  Can't wait to see them again!  If you come see a show at their club, please don't be a dick.

Bye! I'm Jake!