Nut Nut Nut

Hi! I'm Jake!
When I'm high-strung,
I make big gestures.

My recent Southern tour was very enjoyable.  My car drove through six states- all the way to Raleigh, North Carolina - on one bald tire and three so-so tires.  There's a reason comedians get Triple A (AAA).  It's because some of us run a car into the ground and we're going to need a tow.

My last gig on this trip was in Maryville, TN.  It was a Tuesday, November 26th, 2013.

Before I got on stage, the crowd was super chatty. So I needed an attention getter. Fortunately, this loudmouth chick from the audience loudly told a dirty secret to the bar wench next to her.  So I started my show by sharing that dirty secret. In this video, I share it with you. Enjoy "Nut Nut Nut."

Special thanks to Jeff, Matt, 2 Doors Down, and all the other comedians on that show.

Jake Sharon