NO TV DAY 30! Wizard Moments

Hi!  I'm Jake!

30 DAYS!
I can't believe it has been 30 days since we've watched TV.  This is awesome.  I have been getting so much done!  If you have been watching my progress, you know I am prepping for my next CD and my first DVD, The Wedding AlBUM.  A lot of good people are involved in that project! TV Jake would have just been watching and wishing he was doing a CD/DVD.  NO TV Jake is doing a CD/DVD!

Also, little things keep happening that wouldn't normally happen.  Like, Callie had Monday off.  Instead of our typical Frasier marathon, Callie and I brought a bunch of games and snacks to our good friend Becky's house.  Becky's sister Katie came over too!  We never get to see her!  I'm so glad we did!  Katie and Becky are awesome!  So is Callie!  I'm not just saying that because her mom reads my
blogs!  :)  Hi Pat!

A card from the game WIZARD
Callie, Katie, and Becky say
that I look like this guy.
NOTE: this card is Number 2.
Anyway, all four of us are always so busy.  But instead of relaxing by downgrading our downtime into boring old TV time, we turned it into game night.  We turned it into friend night. We had like 5 kinds of chocolates!  Thanks, Becky!  Also, I ate meat slices while my wife ate macaroni salad.  Shazam!

We sat there on Becky's recently-redesigned, cozy, Christmas-tree-light lit, balcony in the relaxing 71-degree Austin February air. We heard laughs from the parking lot.  While the breeze wafted the delightful dryer sheet scent from the downstairs laundry room, we played Wizard, a German fantasy trump game. NARR!

GET THIS: we even invented a game of our own, called GET THIS!  It was so much fun.  Instead of watching TV, we made a memory.

NOTE: If Callie is reading this, she is making a gagging gesture.  She gets grossed out when I get too saccharine about friendships.

Right now, the shades are up so our cat, Oprah, can look outside.  I am sitting here typing wearing only my boxers.  Gotta go!

Bye!  I'm Jake!