NO TV DAY 47: The Obamacare Sheep

Day 47
still wearing the same clothes.
Hi!  I'm Jake!

It has been 47 days since Callie and I quit watching TV.  I really don't
miss it.

People keep asking me what we are going to watch when we start watching TV again. To be honest, I really haven't thought about it.  In fact, I really haven't thought about it.  Huh.  Truth be told, I kind of don't feel like watching anything.  TV turned my brain into mush.  Now it is less mushy.

I have been cutting out the fat in all areas of my life.

I have even helped my friends get rid of clutter.  In between my performances in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, I stayed with my pals, Tanja and Brad.

Tanja had an extra sheep

Tanja and Brad have a lot of weird stuff at their house. They had a wooden sheep in the kitchen!  Sheep don't belong in kitchens!  I asked if I could sell the sheep at my next show.  Tanja said yes.

So I wrote on the sheep's side.

Don't be baaaa-d! Check out

Then I wrote Obama Care on the sheep's butt.

On the backside, I plugged The Affordable Health Care Act.  I wrote "Obama" on one sheep butt cheek and "Care" on the other sheep butt cheek.

Obama Care is like a sheep's butt:
It's full of all kinds of juicy surprises!

Then, I posted this picture on Instagram, and tagged Tanja so she could see  The Obamacare Sheep in action!!

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Then, the Obamacare Sheep SOLD!

I took The Obamacare Sheep to Hyena's Comedy Club in Fort Worth, Texas.  I told the Friday 8:30 crowd I was selling a wooden sheep.  I told them I had written Obamacare on its butt.  That got an applause break.

I didn't think The Obamacare Sheep would sell till the 10:30 show- when people are stupid drunk.  But... after the 8:30 show, a nice lady asked me how much I wanted for it.  Wow!

I asked how much she wanted to pay.  She said she had $1.  I told her that works great!  She couldn't believe it!  

HER: "Are you really selling that?"
ME (proudly): "Yes I am!"
HER: "How much are you asking?"
ME: "Whatever you want to pay."
HER (excited): "Would you take a dollar?"
ME (also excited): "Of course!"
HER: "Really?!  You'll take a dollar?!"  
ME: "Of course!  I don't care what you pay! I took it from my friend's house, so it's all profit!"

She fished around for a dollar, and couldn't find one.
The she found a dollar!  Jubilation!

Turns out Obamacare is worth $1!

Then, I posted that picture on Instagram, and tagged Tanja again!

I am a good friend, and a good guest.

NOTE:  This lady watched the second show.  Turns out she wasn't even in the audience for the first show!  So, she didn't even hear me plug my sweet Obamacare Sheep sales pitch!  She just saw the Obamacare Sheep, recognized its value, and immediately wanted to buy it!

I quit watching TV. My life is less cluttered. I wrote Obama Care on a sheep butt and sold it to a stranger.  

So, to answer your question, I don't know what I'll watch when I watch TV or movies.  Maybe I won't even watch TV again.

Bye!  I'm Jake!