Pigtail Man

Hi!  I'm Jake!

I put on my pigtails and went for a drive.  Naturally, I wrote a poem about it- and turned that into a music video. 

Below are the Pigtail Man poem and the Pigtail Man music video. 

Pigtail Man
by Jake Sharon

Comedian Jake Sharon
has a drivers license.
Ha ha ha.
I'm driving. I'm driving.

I'm driving and I'm wearing pigtails.
I'm driving and I have pigtails.
Woo woo!

Pigtails in the morning.
Pigtails in the morning.
Pigtails in the morneen.
Pigtails in the morning.
Ha ha ha.

I could be anyone- but today, I'm pigtail man.
And right now, I'm driving.


The weird thing is my wife had to suggest that next time we do #PigPics Live, I should wear pigtails and go as Pigtail Man.  That is smart.  I did not even put that together. I guess I just have a lot of pig-related stuff going on. 

Bye!  I'm Jake!