Cape Fear(less) Comedy Festival 2014

No vest is Fearlest.
Hi!  I'm Jake!

I don't feel ambitious enough for paragraphs tonight. I felt like doing a list.  So here is a list of some of the 2014 Cape Fear Comedy Festival people and a sentence or two I can say about each of them.

Also, playing off the whole Cape Fear thing, at the end of each of the things I talk about, I also indicate whether that thing is FEAR or FEARLESS. That's a really clever, really deep premise.


Playing the slidewhistle with
dirty hands is hard.
Photo by Katherine Clark
  • Ben Roy rides motorcycles. FEARLESS.
  • Chris Alan appreciates a good Abraham Lincoln t-shirt. FEARLESS.
  • Bridget Callahan, Steven Marcinowski let me sleep on the couch for the week and they didn't even know me! We're good friends now! FEARLESS.
  • Lydia Popovich took a chatty Manna crowd and joked them into submission. FEARLESS.
  • Lauryn Petrie isn't afraid to yell at the Manna lounge crowd to shut up- right before her set. FEARLESS.
  • Lauryn Petrie isn't afraid to freestyle sing during her set. Also, Jay Whitecotton jumped in and accompanied Lauryn on the piano.  He is really good and they were good together.   FEARLESS.
  • Carrie Gravenson told me she pretended to take off her top. I didn't see that part so I don't know if she actually pretended. FEAR.
  • John Dick Winters will knock the briefcase right out of your hands- with no regards to your briefcase's contents. FEARLESS.
  • The cops were giving a street band a bunch of crap, so Chris Trew invited them to be the band for The Real Chris Trew Show. FEARLESS.
  • After The Real Chris Trew Show, the band asked me who books City Stage.   I don't know!  But wow: even musicians ask "Who books that?" FEARLESS.
  • During The Real Chris Trew Show, Madison Davis sang a fucked up version of The Star Spangled Banner.  The thing is she can really sing! FEARLESS.
  • During The Real Chris Trew Show, Lisa Friedrich revealed her genius marketing strategy: she uses the Tinder app to get horny people to come to her shows. FEARLESS.
  • During The Real Chris Trew Show, Jake Sharon ate a 3.5- pound burrito and didn't even puke. FEARLESS.
    Austin comedian Jake Sharon
    Photo By Katherine Clark
  • Andrew Orvedahl: sorry I missed your sets!  I really wanted to see them. Both times you were on stage, I was also on stage. One of those times I was actually on stage with you, during The Real Chris Trew show.  I was the guy struggling to eat a burrito.  I don't remember what you were doing cause I was real focused. FEAR.
  • If you find yourself struggling to eat a 3.5-pound burrito, Lew Morgante will help you cheat. FEARLESS. ALSO, DISHONEST.
  • Lew Morgante is a different person from Louis Bishop. FEARLESS.
  • Another genius marketing strategy: Dr. Brian King takes pictures of his business cards resting in lady cleavage. FEARLESS.
  • Other than in this blog entry, Tim Warner has essentially erased himself from the internet. FEAR.
  • Ryan Singer is embracing his Salt and Pepper, but is not interested in Salt and Pepper unibrow. Also, I hope he doesn't remember that conversation.  FEARLESS.
  • KC Arora wears a KC hat- but takes it off right before he goes on stage.  FEARLESS.
  • KC Arora and Jason Saenz may have the same hair- but they are definitely not the same person. I was confused. Pro tip: KC wears the KC hat. FEARLESS.
    Lisa Friedrich performs while
    Jake Sharon stares down
    Andrew Orvedahl.
    Photo By Katherine Clark
  • Katherine Clark took photos of the comedians every day but Beach Day. SMART.
  • On the way to beach day, Bridget Callahan, Steven Marcinowski, Bethany, and Jake Sharon sang the words to Mr. Big's hit "To Be With You." Also, Steve and Jake ate cookies. FEARLESS.
  • On the way back from beach day, Bridget Callahan, Steven Marcinowski, Bethany, and Jake Sharon intently listened to The Games Of Thrones book on tape. FEARLESS. ALSO, COOKIES.
  • Travis Watt now goes by T-Watt. That's what we all need to call him now, T-Watt. For example, "Hello, T-Watt!" FEARLESS.
  • Iris Benson: how is it going, Iris? FEARLESS.
  • Emily Winter, Sarah Connor, Sonia Denis, Adrian Crosby, Christine Little, Colton Demonte : Hi Emily Winter, Sarah Connor, Sonia Denis, Adrian Crosby, Christine Little, Colton
    Demonte. FEARLESS.
  • Justin Williams, Justin Thompson, Justin Foster: there sure were a lot of guys named Mike at this festival. FEAR.
  • Alex Stypula: FEARLESS.
  • Everyone at Manna: It's just a paper lunch bag that I gave you for free.  Why do you look scared?  Don't be scared! Your moms used to put PBJs and chips in the paper bag.  Stop being scared!   Irene Tu made a very concerned face!  FEAR.
  • Other stuff happened, but I am getting sleepy and I have a long drive tomorrow. FEAR.
The Real Chris Trew Show
City Stage, Wilmington, North Carolina
Cape Fear Fest 2014
Photo by Katherine Clark

Jake Sharon makes his burrito poop
Photo by Katherine Clark


  • As this article proves, Cape Fear Comedy Festival features way more fearlessness than fear.  What a great time! FEARLESS.
  • Matt Ward and Timmy Sherrill know how to run a great comedy festival!  Can't wait till next time! FEARLESS.
  • A day after eating that giant burrito, my poops really suck today. FEAR.
  • I wrote this entry pretending is was about all the cool people I met at Cape Fear Comedy Festival 2014 , but really's it's just about me and a big burrito. FEARLESS.
Bye!  I'm Jake!