Review of Don's Paint and Body Shop

Hi! I'm Jake!

After getting a dent in the driver side of the car, I was in deep doodoo with my wife.  Trouble. I'm talking anger coming out of her ears like a gosh darn cartoon. My wife, Callie has an alter ego named Patricia that only comes out when she is so mad she is about to start stabbing folks.  When Patricia shows up, the crowd parts like when that dude at the high school dance spins around on his back like a gosh darn turtle shell and everyone says "wow." Patricia is a hurricane. Patricia is an unsupervised child with a chainsaw. Patricia is a rock run over by a lawnmower. When I wrecked the car, we had 15 minutes of silence as we walked into the apartment. Wow.

The first place I went to get an estimate wanted $1100 plus tax.  Wow. Then I went to Don's Paint and Body Shop in Austin, Texas. Rick and Brad not only made sure I didn't get anything I didn't need, the work was done a day earlier than expected and way cheaper than the other place. Wow.

The only thing else to say is the repair cost a different amount than the estimate. Instead of the quoted price of $800, it was $682.  I was blown away! Brad found that the stripe he had to replace was a decal (and not painted on) so he dropped the price. He was totally honest about it. He could have totally ripped me off and I would have never known better. I don't know squat about stripes. Wow.

Don's Paint and Body Shop saved the day!
Callie is going to let me live for awhile!

As a bonus, they also cleaned the car inside and out.  It even smells better now.  They must have found that cheese that went missing that one time on our anniversary last September.

So, to get an honest repair done quickly, done right, and done within budget, go to Don's. Wow.

By the way, my wife is thrilled with the work. Good as new! Patricia climbed back down into her secret spot and I am still alive- for now.... 

Bye! I'm Jake!