Jake's Purge

Hi! I'm Jake!


As you know, my first CD was JAke's First Purge, a "best of" collection from my first 10 years doing stand-up.  I made JAke's First Purge so I could stop doing all those jokes and move on with my act.  I am super proud of that CD and proud of the material I have generated since I released it in 2011.


I also have a videography background.  I have hundreds of Mini-DV, Hi-8, and VHS tapes from comedy shows, client projects, and sketch videos that never made the internet. I have been lugging these tapes from apartment to apartment for years!  I need to get rid of these tapes and purge them from my life!

But before I smash these tapes, unspool them into the garbage can, and then light that trash on fire, I am scouring these tapes for any footage worth sharing with you. To share this footage, I created a new youtube channel called "Jake's Purge."  Every week, I will have a new video or two to share on the "Jake's Purge" youtube channel. So you can see the best (and absolute worst) footage I have recorded.

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Below is one of the videos I found in my box of Mini-DVs.  After digitizing the tape, I microwaved it then threw the melted remains on the side of the road.  The footage from the tape is pretty fun though.  Enjoy.

Well, gotta go!
Bye!  I'm Jake!