Jake Paints 121918 jAKE032-R2-E045

Hi!  I'm Jake!

I have had a lot of fun painting this year.  I have been focusing more on that.  Below is my latest painting, 121918 jAKE032-R2-E045. I had a lot of fun painting it.
TITLE: 121918 jAKE032-R2-E045 
MEDIA: acrylic
SIZE: 8"h 6"w
PRICE: $50

This painting is based on a photo Crystal Allen took back in 2004 for me. Back when I did stand-up, Crystal was my sole headshot photographer.  She was the best! Crystal has taken over 10000 photos of me.  That is not an exaggeration.  She currently focuses on photography that empowers women.  You can see a very minute fraction of her amazing work at crystalallenphotography.com.  Please support her on Patreon.  Her site has a link.

I started painting 121918 jAKE032-R2-E045 in October but then was commissioned to do another piece, 120818 Apocowlypse.  So, I put this painting on the The Backburner.  The Backburner is what I call my secondary easel.  Whenever I had to wait on 120818 Apocowlypse to dry a bit, I went over at The Backburner and worked on this painting.

Below is an extremely sped up timelapse of me painting 121918 jAKE032-R2-E045.

I don't know what I will paint next. Or maybe I do.  Also, I am working on my online gallery.

Bye!  I'm Jake!