Short Form Improv Videos

Hi!  I'm Jake!


I do improv at Greenville, South Carolina's Alchemy Comedy Theater.  I edit video in my house. Sometimes I help Alchemy edit and upload their improv videos. I am a Jake of all trades.

Short form improv is the game-style improv as seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway.  Alchemy has two short form improv shows:
  • King of The Mountain (KOM) is Alchemy's Thursday short form show that Alchemy performers who have been with the company for awhile can sign up to do.  
  • Improv All Stars is Alchemy's cream of the crop, specially-cast, dollar dollar, Saturday flagship short form show.  
  • Comedy Gold Rush is Alchemy's short form and long form hybrid show.  Something for everybody!
For both educational and entertainment purposes, I uploaded a bunch of Alchemy short form videos. See the list I have compiled below.  This list will evolve as I upload more videos.


185 (King of the Mountain)
ABC (Improv All Stars)
ABC (King of the Mountain)
Beastie Rap (Improv All Stars)
Blind Line (Improv All Stars)
Blind Line (King of the Mountain)
Chain Murder Mystery (King of the Mountain)
Dueling Suggestion (King of the Mountain)
DVD (King of the Mountain)
Five Things (Improv All Stars)
Forward Reverse (Improv All Stars)
Four Corners (Comedy Gold Rush)
Four Corners (King of the Mountain)
Guess Panel (Comedy Gold Rush)
Half Life (King of the Mountain)
Half Life (King of the Mountain) 2
Incredible Growing and Shrinking Machine (Improv All Stars)
King's Court (King of the Mountain)
Luxury (King of the Mountain)
Meanwhile (Comedy Gold Rush)
Meanwhile (King of the Mountain)
Oscar On (King of the Mountain)
Panel of Experts (Improv All Stars)
Panel of Experts (King of the Mountain)
Puppets (King of the Mountain)
Sideline Sermon (King of the Mountain)
Sounds Like a Rap (Improv All Stars)
Spelling Bee (King of the Mountain)
Story Story Die (King of the Mountain)
Story Story Die (King of the Mountain) 2
Three Rooms (Improv All Stars)


I set the publish date of this blog entry to Anna Faris's birthdate, 11/29/76.  Check out Anna Faris's movie, Smiley Face.  It's good.  Smiley Face was made before Anna Faris frownied her own smiley face with elective surgery.  Good news, though: she is still a good actor.