Short Form Improv Videos

Hi!  I'm Jake!


I do improv at Greenville, South Carolina's Alchemy Comedy Theater.  I edit video in my house. Sometimes I help Alchemy edit and upload their improv videos. I am a Jake of all trades.

Short form improv is the game-style improv as seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway.  Alchemy has two short form improv shows:
  • King of The Mountain (KOM) is Alchemy's Thursday short form show that Alchemy performers who have been with the company for awhile can sign up to do.  
  • Improv All Stars is Alchemy's cream of the crop, specially-cast, dollar dollar, Saturday flagship short form show.  
For both educational and entertainment purposes, I uploaded a bunch of Alchemy short form videos. See the list I have compiled below.  This list will evolve as I upload more videos.


I set the publish date of this blog entry to Anna Faris's birthdate, 11/29/76.  Check out Anna Faris's movie, Smiley Face.  It's good.  Smiley Face was made before Anna Faris downgraded her own smiley face with elective surgery.  Good news, though: she is still a good actor.