It's 2:14 a.m. Now it's 2:15 a.m.! In short, it's 2:24 a.m.

Hi! I'm Jake!

It's 2:14 a.m. Now it's 2:15 a.m.!

I should be in bed!

But I'm not!

I have a somewhat cozy bed, too, so I don't have a real good reason for stalling! I just keep staying up!

I could see if I had a really crappy bed, say a bed made out of a gigantic sack of water (that's called a water bed, or a dirty, stinking hippie bed for short). I heard this one tough guy had to sleep on some grass clippings in a barn/ or hay in a manger. I bet he beat a guy or two up in his day.

But I don't have a crappy bed. I have a mattress on a carpet. There's a difference. A bed includes a box springs or the stinky hippie water sack. A bed also has a frame or some sort of wood or metal stuff that goes with it - maybe a headboard or a sleep-numbers remote control.

So yeah. My bed is a mattress.

I haven't been in a fistfight in a long time.

Bye! I'm Jake!