Round One of the Nobody Likes Me Comedy Contest!

Hi! I'm Jake!

On Monday, Sept. 20, I hosted round one of the first ever Nobody Likes Me Comedy Contest. It was awesome! We had a great lineup (Denver's Curt Fletcher, Alicia Jacobs, Ben Bjorn, Roger Norquist, Brady Quarterman, Cougar Carol, Heather Snow, and Tony Tafuro).

You know how most comedy contests have a winner each week that moves on to the final round, how a winner wins the big cash prize at the end, how it's all about the winner, winner winner winner winner winner winner blah blah blah?

Well, this is the only comedy contest that also focuses on the LOSER. The LOSER moves to the final round. The LOSER wins prizes. In the final round, the winner wins $500 but the LOSER wins something god-awful - and we all get to yell at them!

The contest takes place at Sutra Lounge on 11th and Lincoln. It's a really intimate setting and it's centrally located. Tickets are $5 but you get a free Nude Vodka drink- plus you get to see a sweet show! Nude Vodka, Sutra, and Split Lip have all been really supportive of this contest!

The way the way this contest works is each audience member gets a ballot. They get to vote on the winner and the loser. Winner votes add to each contestant's overall score and loser votes take away from it. The winner has the highest score and the loser has the lowest. Duh. How did you think that would work? The winner has the lowest score? No. That's dumb.

I'd like to say I can remember what each comedian did for material. But after so many good jokes, it's hard to keep straight what was said. Here's what I remember:
Heather Snow had a great 911 joke. Curt Fletcher had a run of diabetes jokes. Alicia Jacobs did impressions of her Minnesotan mom. Brady Quarterman did some jokes. Tony Tafuro did something that some other audience members and I talked about after the show, but I am drawing a blank right now because I just woke up. He rocked it though. Cougar Carol talked about her junk. Plus, while we were tabulating votes, we had a nationally touring headliner, Denver favorite, Deacon Gray. He rocked it!

Tony Tafuro came up to me during Cougar Carol's flailing set "I was going for the loser position, but now I'm actually going to have to try to win." Here's the thing: Tony did win. He had a great set. At the end of the night, Tony won $40.

Then, I announced the loser, Cougar Carol. Her score was negative 12 votes. She won a Nude Vodka bottle full of salt. I said that might be a dangerous weapon to give to a disgruntled loser. They could break the bottle on somebody and all the salt would go in the wounds. Yikes.

Next week, we have another killer line-up, Chris Charpentier, Chris Billinger, Matt Baca, Bobby Bird, Brian Blank, Jordan Zuckerman, Jill Tasei, Tony Scoville, Kyle Bufkin, and headliner, Troy Baxley. Naturally, I'll host the show again. Duh. It's my frickin show. Frickin. That's a new word I am going to start using again. Frickin!

Even if there wasn't a frickin-sweet contest ahead of him, Troy would be worth seeing on his own. He's crazy, maniacal, whimsical and dark. He'll blow your frickin mind!

Come check out the show at Sutra, 1109 Lincoln, Denver, CO. For reservations or bottle service, call Tobi at 720-933-6500. The show starts at 8pm. Doors open at 7pm. Be there- or be a loser!

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Bye! I'm Jake!