Fire Sale Updates, How to Rock a Showcase

Hi! I'm Jake!

First off, the fire sale is going great. I currently have 24 Craigslist ads up and running. That's down 3 from the other day. Five minutes ago, I sold my Darth Maul skateboard to a honky who looks like he programs computers- but drives a white lowrider with black tinted windows. That's one thing Craigslist has taught me: it takes all kinds.

In the past day, I also sold my book case, and my Big Black Couch. To see the rest of my ads, go to my previous posting (by looking below or by clicking here): .

Secondly, the ninja's check finally came in, so we got the whole rent situation all squared away. Turns out I was stressing over nothing. Ninja has honor!

Now, if I can just figure out how to fix my tooth and get some contacts for my eyeballs, then I'll solve all the problems facing me.  Get it?  My eyeballs and my tooth are part of my face and they are the problems faceing me. Ah....

In other news, tonight, I watched the 1st semi-final round of the 2011 New Faces Contest. What a great round. Every comedian was fun to watch. Congrats to all those who made it this far! The Denver Comedy Works's Annual New Faces Contest starts with approximately 160 comedians and whittles its way down to 8 finalists. Or is it 12?  Whatever.  It's less than 160. Anyway, the preliminary rounds are brutal. The semi and final rounds are LAPD brutal. They do not allow for a single mis-step. So, again, congrats to all who made it to the semis.

With that said, only 2 of tonight's contestants moved on to the finals, Jodee Champion and Kevin O'Brien. They both had hilarious sets that captivated the audience right off the bat and kept them the whole time- no lulls whatsoever.

That's one thing that really set the top comics apart from the rest of the round: joke economy. It all started with the first words out of their mouths. Besides having extremely witty material and dynamic delivery, Jodee Champion was the first comedian of the night who didn't start her set with "So, how are you guys doing tonight?" or "What's up, Comedy Works?"  These questions pander.  They also waste the first few precious seconds of your act.

As I have stated before, the worst question you can ask a crowd is "So… what do you guys want to talk about?" Arrgh! I hate that question! However, tonight, I decided I also don't like "So, how are you guys doing tonight?" Your set isn't about how the crowd is doing.  The crowd came here to laugh.  That's how they are doing. Your set is about how you are doing.  Do your jokes.

In a showcase set, you have no time to waste. So, let the emcee do all the cheerleader, rah rah, round of applause stuff. That's their job. If you want to hear how the crowd is doing, listen to them as they respond to the other comedians. Use your time to kick ass! That's what Jodee Champion did. She cut straight to the funny. Throughout her entire set, not a word, syllable, gesture, expression, or moment was wasted. There was absolutely no fluff. Kevin O'Brien, Greg Di Muro followed suit. Neither of those guys wasted a second either. Jodee, Kevin and Greg rocked densely-packed comedy jams.  John Crist too. Shoot:  I know there are others I am leaving out.  A lot of good comics tonight. :)

I have really enjoyed following Jodee's career. I saw her very first set, 3 years ago at the Bovine Metropolis Theater here in Denver. She had potential. She was funny then. Now, though, holy crap: Watch out! Tonight, she crushed. Her applause breaks and laughter were huge. A couple times, she was getting such big response, I thought she was doing her closer. Then she followed that with another bit that I thought was her closer. This must be the closer, right? Nope. She closed with basically, her 3rd closer in a row.  That's the way it's done.  That's how you showcase.  She was PG-13 clean, clever, physical, and diverse. I could absolutely see that set she did tonight on late night TV.

Thanks for rocking it, Jodee. Congrats!

Now, I don't want to be too preachy about the whole "How are you guys" thingy. I just want to point out what I have noticed.  I hope somebody else can get something out of what I have learned from others (and myself).

I should also clarify something: I am totally guilty of wasting all kinds of time during my sets.  I have wasted years of people's lives! Been there, done that, trying not to ever do that again.

Lastly, I don't want to detract from the pride all of tonight's contestants should feel for being a semi-finalist in tonight's contest.   The point of this episode is basically to highlight 1 thing I saw Jodee and a few others do right.

Yet I can't stress enough that I enjoyed all of the comedians who I saw tonight.  So, a special shout out to the semi-finalists (in no particular order):

Brady Quarterman, Chris Miller, David Lee, Greg Di Muro, Jason Keyes, Jason Wesoky, Jodee Champion, John Crist, Kevin O'Brien, Lyn LaChapelle.

Thank you all for doing a great job!

If you Denver folk want to see a hell of a comedy night, make sure you get down to Comedy Works' New Faces Contest.  Here's a link with all the info:

Sow how are you guys doing tonight?
Bye! I'm Jake!

P.S. To the rest of you, I like you too.  Buy my fire sale crap. .