Restaurant Hermaphrodite!

Hi! I'm Jake!

I have heard comedians say to never throw away old material- even a bad joke.  If a bit is funny but you want to retire it, record it for a CD or DVD, then move on.  If it isn't funny, either keep working on it till it is funny or file it away until you are funny enough to make it funny.

Another option is to just do the joke, tape it, then forget about it till you find it on a tape 7 years later and make fun of it/ cringe that you were ever that bad. 

Here is an old recording of me performing my "restaurant set" at Comedy Works in Denver, Colorado. Enjoy!

I did actually like a couple of those jokes.  However here are a few things that needed improvement:
  • I definitely needed to tighten up that set. There was about two to three minutes worth of good comedy spread out over five minutes.  
  • You can tell I was still trying to figure out how to perform too.  
  • There was a lot of weird breathing.
  • My timing was a little off.  
  • Did you see how long I lingered at the end of the set?  What was I waiting for?
There were some good things, too, though. 
  • Even after a weak opening joke, I won the crowd over. 
  • I had a few big laughs too.  
  • You could tell I was having fun.  
  • Most of all, it's fun to see how bad I used to be so you can see how much I have improved!
I don't like to post of lot my current material on Youtube.  I don't want people to come to a show and see something they just saw online.  However, I ditched a lot of my act after recording JAke's First Purge (you should check out that CD here). So, as I am rooting through the archives, I will continue to post more videos from the 2001-2011 era. Please check out more of my old stuff in my Jake's Archived Video playlist on Youtube.

Thanks for reading,
Bye!  I'm Jake!