A Wealth of Untapped Entertainment!

Hi!  I'm Jake!

This week, I started up The Battery Podcast Youtube channel!  Yay!

For the past year, The Battery Podcast has been a great outlet for my podcast guests and me to explore the positives and negatives of everything.  That's been so much fun that I started writing positives and negatives here in this blog.  But this all started because I have been battering audiences with this same positive/negative thing for years!  I ask them for a negative and then I tell them the positive.  It has been-and continues to be- a lot of fun.  I have recorded a lot of those audience interaction ad-libs on tape and this new Youtube channel is a great place for you to see them!

Here's me doing my positive/negative Battery business at Austin's The Velveeta Room last week.  I was performing for their late-night, adult-oriented comedy show "The Late Slot with Katie Pengra."
Not all my clips are dirty, but this one is.  Here's "Puddin' Problems." Enjoy!

Sometimes, I ask the audience for a negative or a positive, the audience yells something to me, and I can't come up with squat!  Most of the time, you are going to some pretty reckless, fun-crazy, Jake Sharon ad-libs. But occasionally, you are going to see me come up empty-handed.  Sometimes, unscripted comedy goes up in flames- for real!  I'm serious!  Sometimes I eat it real bad! I know: you'd have to see it to believe it!  Because of the new Battery Podcast Youtube channel, now you can.

Please subscribe to The Battery Podcast channel on Youtube here.  You're going to see the best & worst of my ad-libbed positives and negatives.  I have hundreds of minute-long ad-libs just as ridiculous as Puddin' Problems.  Some of them are train wrecks, and some of them are so good they will probably make you a better person.

Bye!  I'm Jake!