Happy Memorial Day 2013!

Hi!  I'm Jake!

Happy Memorial Day!  It was nice to have the day off to celebrate our veterans!

My wife and I had a great time enjoying the holiday.  We went to Dunkin Donuts and had a free doughnut-even though DD spells doughnut incorrectly.

We went to Austin's Lyndon Baines Johnson Library.  We spent 2 hours there.  It felt like more of a museum than a library.  One thing that was really interesting is The library had several exhibits including interactive phones.  LBJ used to record almost every single phone conversation he ever had.  The LBJ Library interactive phones let you listen to actual phone conversations LBJ had with folks like Martin Luther King, Jackie O, and Satan.

what I'll do to your brats if you don't control them!
Everybody had the day off! The LBJ library was crowded!

Also, parents these days let their kids run amok.  One of the exhibits was a wall of dog tags from fallen Texas soldiers.  Callie and I heard some clanging sounds.  We saw these kids running with their hands out making the dog tags clank like wind chimes.  We couldn't believe it!  What kind of brat would show such disrespect?  Also, what kind of parent would let their kid show such disrespect?

If you have a brat, chain it up before you go
out in public.  Happy Memorial Day!

Bye!  I'm Jake!