Jake Paints Lindsey Ham

Hi!  I'm Jake!

I have had a lot of fun painting this year.  I have been focusing more on that.  Below is my latest painting, Lindsey Ham. I had a lot of fun painting a demonically possessed pig.
TITLE: Lindsey Ham
MEDIA: acrylic
SUBSTRATE: masonite
SIZE: 9"h 11.5"w
PRICE: $250

Sometimes it takes awhile to complete a painting.  That is partially because I am not great at time management for my personal life.  But also, once I have been working on a painting for awhile, I start tweaking it and tweaking it.  I like the little tweaks.  You curl into a ball, stanking of failure, shame and utter desolation- until you get a breakthrough. Then it's like popping your neck- and that feels double plus good.

Below is an extremely sped up timelapse of me painting Lindsey Ham.

The next painting I paint will likely be really silly. Or it may be a real deal portrait.  I like to do a silly painting, then a portrait,  silly painting, portrait. OR, silly, then silly, then portrait. Or, portrait, then silly, then procrastinate, then silly, then portrait. Alternating helps me work on both my skills and my imagination.

To see more of my art, go to my "gallery." Note: I need a better online gallery.  Still working on that.  If you know anybody who can help, please hit me up!

Bye!  I'm Jake!