102618 Photo Purge

Hi!  I'm Jake!

I  had over 200 video tapes of footage I shot, just cluttering my home. I digitized all that footage and then set fire to all those tapes.

I also have over 120 gigabytes of photos and videos on his iPhone.  I am editing all my footage , uploading it to Youtube, then deleting it from my iPhone and my hard drives.  Below is my newest video on my Jake's Purge Youtube channel.

In this video, I purged a ton of photos of me shot at Harvey’s Comedy club in Portland Oregon, back in June, 2011.  I have also included bugs, barf, my wife, freckles, some signs, dogs, Trump pooping out his mouth, video of a story about students having sex, dancing, and some skin that is falling off my finger.

Bye! I'm Jake!