Denver's Thong Man!

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Today in Denver, witnesses have reported a possibly armed, thong-wearing man. Police set up a perimeter in an attempt to find the man. Police warned if you spot the man, approach him carefully- as he may be greased down, and therefore very slippery.

If it's a concealed weapon, It should be really easy to find his gun.

Police eventually called off the search. According to Fox News, America's source for potential sex offenders, the only reason the police even responded to the call in the first place is he is a "repeated thong offender."

Police also confirmed that this suspect, who remains on the loose, is not Denver’s serial groper. One of the serial groper’s victims was fondled on Aug. 28 at the intersection of 37th Avenue and Newton Street, less than a mile from where the man in the thong was first spotted Thursday.

Denver has both a serial groper and a serial thong-wearer. So watch out!

Also, maybe those two gentlemen will make a cute couple.

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