I was cranky at my mom

Hi!  I'm Jake!

I am exhausted! the past week, I have had bad sleep. My neck and head aches have been keeping me awake.  I also have driven over 1500 miles since last Wednesday.

Yesterday, I had a 5-hour drive and a 2-hour photo shoot.  Because my sleep reserves are diminished, by the time I arrived at my parents' place last night, I just wanted to fall asleep.

As soon as I walked into my parents' house, I greeted my mom real quick then plopped my stuff on the bed they are letting me use.  I started to walk off and take some travel food to the fridge when my mom decided my laptop bag shouldn't go on the bed.  Because my laptop bag is falling apart, I told her I wanted to handle moving it.  She didn't listen so I said "Don't touch my stuff!"

She was hurt.  My dad was mad.  They both kind of ganged up on me real quick. Suddenly, before I had even been in my parents' house for 5 minutes, we already had a fight.

We kind of made up really quickly-well, my dad made me apologize.  I guess that is making up.

My initial thought was that I could file this moment away, and someday, when I have to decide whether to put my mom in a nursing home, that will make the decision much easier.

Then, I had a more introspective thought.  I have no idea why she didn't want the laptop bag on the bed.  That seems crazy to me.  What does a bed have against a laptop bag?  Then I asked myself "why is it such a big deal if someone handles my crummy laptop bag?" That's crazy too.  The point is the positive side is my mom and I both have psychotic, anti-social quirks.  So, in a way, we kind of bonded yesterday.

I just asked my mom why she didn't want the laptop bag on the bed.  She said she didn't want to get the bed spread dirty.  "You mean from my dirty laptop bag?"

She said I have probably set it my laptop bag in a bunch of places and it's expensive to dry clean the bed spread.  She said "it's the same reason you don't set a purse on a bed."


Bye!  I'm Jake!