Life keeps changing my act!

My old podcast,
The Jesus of Denver Podcast
Hi! I'm Jake!

My act is constantly changing.

Three years ago, I had long, flowing hair and a Jesus beard. I was The Jesus of Denver.  I had a popular podcast, The Jesus of Denver Podcast.  JOD had 1,000-plus downloads per week.  In the fall of 2010, I cut all my hair off and drastically changed my act. I ditched a third of my material- right
before the Seattle International Comedy Competition!  Not smart! Competitions are where you do your tried and true material.  They are not the best place to start over!

However, this was a good thing.  It forced me out of my comfort zone. Instead of writing about my appearance, I started writing more truthful material about my life.

JAke's First Purge
A year ago, I also started over with my newest podcast, The Battery Podcast. I used to get over 1,000 hits per week.  Until recently, I wasn't getting that many in a month! Part of that problem is because now, everybody has a podcast. You, the reader, probably have one.  I'm sure it's really interesting.

Last December, I released my first full-length CD, JAke's First Purge because, before I could talk about all the new things going on in my life, I needed to purge a bunch of stuff from my act.  I got rid of 80 minutes of material.  Since then, I have 40 new minutes of material in my act.  It's crazy.  A lot of things are going on in my life and I am trying my hardest to capture them all.

I used to look like this.
My act is extremely egocentric. My favorite topic is me- actually, it's all the people in my life, my family, my fiance, and all the ridiculous strangers I run into during my travels.  

This week, I am driving from Denver back to Austin and a potential rideshare candidate asked me if I could tow his boat!  What's wrong with you, sir?!?!?  I have a 99 Honda Accord.  Hondas don't tow jack- let alone a boat!  Do you have any logs or cattle I can haul?  Maybe some anvils? Stupid.

For about a decade, I have had a file cabinet.  The top drawer of my file cabinet was filled with material, filed away by topic.  I literally have thousands of bits, stories, and jokes, I wrote, forgot about, and never used in my act.

When I moved to Austin last October, I had to get rid of my filing cabinet.  There was no way it would fit into my Honda! So, I have been slowly filing through these folders, typing up anything worth typing, shredding everything else. It's a blessing that some of that material never made the act.  Need some shredded bad joke confetti?

However, I found a lot of material I should have used when I was a single twenty-something, but is no longer applicable now.  I wish I had been more efficient incorporating new material into my act! Fortunately, I have been surprised by the amount of timeless jokes I can still use.  It's like I just hired my 2006 self to write for me. It's awesome.  Never throw anything away- unless it's just awful!

The Wedding AlBUM
My 2014 CD & DVD
Coming soon!
I got engaged this year, to a beautiful, wonderful lady.  I have had to drop all my old relationship material.  It just didn't make sense to talk about all the oddly shaped people I made out with when I am talking about the love of my life.  For awhile, I was doing both sets of material in my act and people mistakenly thought I was engaged- but making out with skanky women on the side anyway!

My fiancee and I are getting married in less than two weeks. I tell crowds how I am about to ruin her life.  I am going to have to update that material too.  Maybe I'll talk about how I used to do awesome stuff like burn stuff and break stuff and bow we just babysit our friends' kids and go to dinner parties. 

I don't resent growing up or anything. I am just going through a lot of changes now.  I have pubes. Also, I just have to be careful that I don't become a cliché, that I don't self-implode when all my hopes and dreams rot from my core.

In summary, my life is going through so many changes now that I am just blasting through new material.  This is a good thing.  It's exciting!  I am now more prolific than I have been in a decade.  So, look for JAke's Second Purge in 2013. I'll have another 70-80 minutes to burn.  

Bye!  I'm Jake!