Down with Artificial Tooth Enamel!

HI!  I'm Jake!

In the style of The Battery Podcast, today I am sharing the positives and negatives of artificial tooth enamel.  Hooray!

Japanese scientists recently formulated a "super-thin mineral film"* that simulates tooth enamel. So, instead of constantly filling my cavities, in a few years, dentists will be able to just put a patch on them. Hooray!  Now I can eat more candy without feeling bad about it!

They are going to put chemicals in my mouth because I am too lazy to brush my teeth well and because I am a candy glutton.  Now that they have a quick fix for my bad habits, I will probably start eating more candy Pretty soon I'll be just another fat American like the rest of you. Thanks, Japan!  Thanks for nothing!

We need to save the Japanese some trouble:  We should just pull out all of our teeth.  That way we can't chew candy so we don't get fat- and we don't get cavities!  Yay!

Bye!  I'm Jake!