How many feet do you have, woman?

Hi!  I'm Jake!

I'm on my honeymoon right now!  Don't worry.  I am not actually typing this from our honeymoon suite.  I wrote it ahead of time and scheduled it to be published while I was away (so you wouldn't have to miss me).  I didn't spend a crap ton of money on my honeymoon just to sit at a computer and blog to you.  No offense.  I like you, but I am in the ocean where internet costs $1.00 per minute. Plus, right now, I am probably doing it (sex).

look at all these friggin shoes!  
Anyway,  I just wanted to show you how many shoes my wife is bringing on this trip!  Look at all these shoes!  Holy crap!  She has a suit case just for shoes!  We're only going to be gone a week!  What the hell do you need that many shoes for?  You only have 2 feet!  Your feet ornaments probably cost more than our trip!

What's worse is she made me bring 4 pairs of shoes!  That's like a year's worth of shoes for me!

Anyway, I'll tell you all about our shoe trip- I mean honeymoon- when we get back. Well, I probably won't tell you the sexy stuff.  But, I'll have pictures (not of the sexy stuff).

Bye! I'm Jake!