Jungle Monkey Rabies!

Hi!  I'm Jake!

What you look like after a rabid monkey bite.
"5:30 a.m." by Jake Sharon
acrylics, paper, wheat paste, on masonite

Getting bit by a rabid monkey during your honeymoon could cause stress between you and your spouse.  She wants to be intimate, but you're foaming at the mouth.  She wants to go on excursions and meet the natives, but you're busy bleeding from your orifices in between violent outbursts.

Rabies is like a mild version of zombieism.  The disease takes control and mutates you into a psychotic, mindless animal.  So, it will most likely ruin any fancy dinner you attend.  Your manners will be minimal. You'll probably say or do something inappropriate.  Instead of eating your food, you'll chuck it and start biting people.

Unlike a zombie, a person infected with rabies is still technically alive.  I think there's even a cure. So, you can take zombieism for a trial run.  If it turns out you're not into it, you can go to the hospital, get a shot or something and go back to your normal life.  You'll just have to buy new pants (or deal with all the multi-colored stains from the old ones).

I really have no scientific knowledge about rabies.

Bye!  I'm Jake!