NO TV Day 8: I slipped!

My wife makes good food.
I make inconsistent coffee.
Hi!  I'm Jake!

Holy Crap! This is the longest I have gone without watching TV since I was a baby.  As I recall, there was a boob tube connected to my test tube.  I don't know how third world country adults get by without a constant feed of yuks from the tv and entertaining misinformation from their news sources.  Anyway, I have gone a week.  Yay!

This morning, here in Austin, I slipped on the ice, landed on my elbows. There: I just blew your mind!  I bet you didn't think we had ice in Austin.  Well, today we do.  Because of a quarter inch of ice on our windshield, they canceled school here.  My wife got to go into work 2 hours late.  Right after dropping her off, I slipped on the ice- right in front of her work. All this stuff is very disorienting.  Angry about landing on my elbows, and disoriented from the anger, I forgot to run to the post office.  Instead I grumbled and apologized to the heavens for all my foul language.

When I got home, I poured out the mediocre version of french press coffee I made my wife.  She told me she wasn't going to drink it.  I eat whatever she puts in front of me- no questions asked.  But she will not drink my bad coffee.  Then again, her food is pretty good!  Anyway, I poured out the coffee, nursed my wounds, looked at the wet street stain on my butt. I just wanted to relax and turn on the TV, chill out for a sec. But I didn't. Instead, I am typing this.  

It's weird to think that because I slipped, I almost slipped with the TV thing.

Bye!  I'm Jake!